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Tattoo Prices

Hourly- $150/hr

Cover-Up / Rework- $175/hr

Half Day- $500

Full Day- $1000

We always work with you, these are base prices. You will get an actual quote once you have a consultation.

Booking Inquiries

Thank you for your interest! For any inquiries, commission requests, studio visits, or guest spots, please fill out the form below. 

Pre- Tattoo Tips

  • Get Hydrated. 

  • Moisturize.

  • Shave. (Or come in for a wax 3 days prior!)

  • Exfoliate.

  • Rest.

  • Eat a well balanced meal.

  • Bring Snacks (If It Will Be A Longer Session)

  • Don't Come if You're Injured/ Sick/ Have any open legions or sores.

What NOT to do before a tattoo!

Tattoos won’t heal well on freshly damaged skin, so anything which causes damage to the skin must be avoided. That includes getting a tan, a fake tan, a sunburn, a chemical peel, or any cuts or scrapes.

Weight lifting and strenuous exercise should also be avoided at least 2 days before the tattoo session.

Putting strain on your muscles can cause swelling and soreness which may exacerbate the sensation of the tattoo and impact healing time. It can also cause your skin to stretch slightly which can end up with your tattoo being distorted when your skin returns to normal.

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