Our journey started In 2011, when we opened as Cult Status Tattoo down in Westchester County. We had an amazing 8 years in a very small community that let us set our roots down and gain our incredible clientele! In 2017, we started down a new path for our industry, realizing the importance of skincare in the Tattooing world! So began our mission of pioneering a new concept, a Tattoo and Skincare Parlor! Jessica went back to school to learn all she could about skin health, absolutely fell in love with the beauty industry and a year later, became a NY licensed Esthetician and MUD certified Makeup Artist dedicated to bringing the community affordable skincare that everyone would be able to get on a regular basis. As a family run parlor, it was our main goal to create an atmosphere that completely went against the "norm" of a Tattoo Parlor. We wanted to have an inviting establishment to any and everyone, that no matter what walk of life someone is from, they would feel comfortable walking in for any service! So we decided it was time to move our shop from Westchester, into beautiful Hopewell Junction! Giving us the ability to bring exquisite art and skincare closer to home, into the community that we love. 

      With 21 years of experience, Jason brings a diverse set of skills into the Tattooing industry! His love of art stared as a young child, drawing Mickey Mouse from the beginning of Disney Cartoon Classics VHS tapes, and he never lost his appreciation, only built upon it! While Jessica has stepped away from the art industry, she brings it a little bit of it with her into the beauty industry! Meticulously sculpting brows, creating beautiful makeup for any occasion, safe and comfortable waxing and empowering women with amazing skincare to help them reveal their natural beauty! 

      We believe in only using natural and organic, vegan and cruelty free products! From our skincare to our Tattoo pigments, we are passionate about the quality of ingredients that we are able to bring you! We take no short cuts when it has to do with health and environmental sustainability! We research every company we use and also the companies that they use before bringing it in and offering it to you! We support local and small businesses, and everything we retail is either made right here in New York, or is a woman owned and small business practice! As parents of 7 kids, we also understand budgeting and know that we usually put our children first, not wanting to spend anything on ourselves, so we are dedicated to bringing you affordable services taking guilt out of self care!

    We personally invite all of you to stop in and see what we are all about.



With 21 years experience, J has the knowledge and talent to give you the tattoo of your dreams. Nothing is out of reach!


Our NY State Licensed Esthetician, Certified Permanent Makeup and MUD certified Makeup artist. Her passion for all things skin lets her do a little bit of everything!

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